Evidence Based Tumour Profiling Service
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Caris Life Sciences
Caris Life Sciences is a leading UD biosciences company focused on fulfilling the promise of personalised medicine. It's specialty oncology reference laboratory is the first in the world to receive ISO 15189 Accreditation and offers more than 70 clinically relevant molecular profiling tests, included in it's comprehensive Caris Molecular Intelligencetm profile. With over 60,000 patients profiled, this service uses the most advanced and clinically relevant technologies to provide clinicans with information to aid in the selection of personalised cancer treatments more likely to work for each individual patient. 

Caris Molecular Intelligence
Caris Molecular Intelligence provides oncologists with the most relevant, clinically actionable and individualized treatment information to personalize cancer care for all solid tumors. Our suite of tumor profiling services allows the physician to customize the level of profiling they deem necessary for each patient.
Caris Molecular Intelligence can be used to inform treatment selection when treating aggressive or rare tumors, or refractory disease.
Caris Molecular Intelligence:
  • Uses a combination of technologies, including NGS, to interrogate each tumor at the various biological stages of cancer
  • Is based upon an extensive review of the world's clinical literature correlating biomarkers to drug response
  • Associates therapeutic agents with benefit or lack of benefit
  • May reveal treatments not previously considered
  • Identifies open, relevant clinical trials based on the patient's expressed biomarkers with our Clinical Trials Connector™
  • Provides all information in one convenient MI Profile™ report
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