Bowel Cancer Australia's Screen for Life Program

Bowel Cancer Australia's Screen for Life program educates organisations and employers about the importance of taking appropriate practical action towards prevention and early detection of bowel cancer. The program uses an Australian designed and manufactured test kit known as ColoVantage® which is clinically proven, sensitive and reliable.
The simple and accurate test can be completed by your employees at home.

No faecal handling, diet or medication changes are required.
As polyps and bowel cancers can bleed into the bowel motion, the test aims to detect small amounts of blood that are not visible to the naked eye.
The test involves collecting a small sample from two separate bowel motions which are then sent to the pathology laboratory for testing.

  • The results of the analysis are sent back to the employee and their nominated GP.
  • If your employee receives a positive result, this means blood has been detected through the pathology analysis. While the presence of blood does not mean they have bowel cancer, positive tests should be followed by colonoscopy to determine the cause of bleeding.
  • If blood is not detected, this is known as a negative result.  It is very important that negative tests are repeated every 1 to 2 years.
Test kits come complete with full instructions, a dedicated customer helpline, as well as an annual reminder service to rescreen each year.

Reports can be provided to your company containing de-identified data on participation rates, demographics, positive and negative results.
A reminder can be sent directly to an employee if they have not completed the test within one month.
Contact Bowel Cancer Australia on 02 9923 8269 to offer the Screen for Life Program to your employees.
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