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Metastatic Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer Australia campaigns for access to treatment and care, to ensure more patients live beyond bowel cancer. Genetic testing of your tumour may lead to safer, more effective treatment, tailored just for you.
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Improved Access to Affordable Treatment Options 

Bowel Cancer Australia advocates for improved access to affordable treatment options.
While screening is important for the prevention and early detection of bowel cancer, it is also important for health policy to recognise that bowel cancer patients require improved access to affordable treatment options.
Bowel Cancer Australia welcomed the 2013 Coalition Government's commitment to restore transparency, certainty and confidence to the process by which medicines are listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) – ensuring medicines are listed on the basis of advice from the independent Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee.
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Get Personal - Unlock Your Treatment Options

Too many people die from metastatic bowel cancer.
More can be done to change that by unlocking the treatment options available to those who need them most.
Although advances in treatment and care over the past 30 years that have led to increased survival rates and improved quality of life for people living with metastatic bowel cancer, survival rates still remain unacceptably low.
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Bowel Cancer Australia ICHOM

Inaugural global standard in bowel cancer patient care

Bowel cancer patients are one step closer to a world-first standard in care thanks to an international collaboration between Bowel Cancer Australia and the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM).
Bowel Cancer Australia's sponsorship will support the ICHOM Colorectal Cancer Working Group, which brings together an international team, including Australian health professionals, clinicians and patients, to help establish the global standard.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Advocacy Senate Committee

Senate Inquiry into Access to Cancer Medicines

In the submission to the Senate Inquiry, Bowel Cancer Australia recommended greater affordability of, and access to, advanced bowel cancer treatments.
Cancer patients with advanced disease cannot afford to wait months or years for effective, affordable treatment options. Some patients and their families are faced with the decision of going into debt or mortgaging their homes to pay for high cost medications.

Bowel Cancer Australia has consistently called for the Federal Government to return to the process of automatically listing on the PBS any proven, effective bowel cancer treatments that have received a positive PBAC recommendation.
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Lifting the Lid on Advanced Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer Australia today released a new report highlighting the impact of advanced bowel cancer in the country.
Bowel cancer is the country's second biggest cancer killer, and more than 40,000 Australians are projected to die from the disease over the next 10 years.
Yet, funding for advanced bowel cancer does not match the burden of disease.
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My Cancer. My Voice. 

Bowel Cancer Australia is calling on the Federal Government to urgently address concerning inequities in support and access to life-extending treatments for Australia's second deadliest cancer.
The call comes in the wake of results from the first national patient survey of its kind, released to mark the start of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in June 2014, which shows Aussies with bowel cancer feel like they have the 'wrong cancer' due to lack of dedicated support services and low awareness.
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Bowel Cancer Australia World mCRC Day

World mCRC Day

A day dedicated to raise awareness of the most advanced form of colorectal cancer, known as metastatic colorectal (bowel) cancer; this is when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, such as the liver or lungs.
Each year there are 1.4 million new cases and 694,000 deaths from bowel cancer.  Many of these deaths are caused because the disease is detected too late.
However, with timely access to effective treatment and high quality care, people with metastatic disease can see their survival chances and their quality of life dramatically improve.
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