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Bowel cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer. 

It affects men and women, young and old and often develops without any warnings signs.

If caught early, bowel cancer is one of the most treatable cancers.

In advanced cases, the cancer can spread beyond the bowel to other organs, making it harder to treat.


In the lead up to Bowel Cancer Australia’s Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late February awareness campaign, our Bowel Care Nutritionist shares eight ways to reduce your risk. 

The evidence-based strategies stem from the WCRF’s report, Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Colorectal Cancer, an analysis of the global evidence.

There are choices you can make and steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing bowel cancer.

Get started today.


The use of medical marijuana dates back at least 3,000 years, but it wasn’t until the 1840s that it was introduced into Western medicine.

More recently the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has been explored in Australia, with new guidelines now available on how it can be legally accessed by patients when conventional treatments have been tried and failed, or deemed inappropriate.


A new year offers the opportunity to say goodbye to the past and look forward to something new.

This might involve giving something up (like a bad habit) or engaging in something different (such as an exercise program).

But patients and loved ones affected by bowel cancer often see the arrival of a new year in a different way and make resolutions that reflect that.


For Penrith Panthers winger Josh ‘Sauce’ Mansour, 2017 was a very big year.

He played his 100th NRL game against the Manly Sea Eagles, was chosen to represent Australia for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup, and joined his wife in welcoming their first child, Siana, into the world at the start of November. 

As the year drew to a close, Josh turned his attention to a cause close to his heart and committed to shaving off his iconic beard as a way to raise much-needed awareness and funds for a cause close to his heart, bowel cancer.

His wife’s uncle and a good mate’s sister have both had the disease, which claims 80 Australian lives each week.

"As soon as I heard about Decembeard, I knew I wanted to put my beard on the line and raise some money," Josh said.

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