A Global Bowel Cancer Alliance
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In June 2009, Bowel Cancer Australia joined with UK charity Beating Bowel Cancer to launch a new international bowel cancer alliance, named Bowel Cancer International.  In June 2010, the alliance welcomed the addition of the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada and Beat Bowel Cancer New Zealand.
Together, the four charities will lead in the global fight against the disease through collaborative efforts, allowing them to share information and resources to provide support for patients battling bowel cancer.
Through the alliance, British, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand bowel cancer patients, their carers and families will have access to a comprehensive range of resources and support throughout their patient journey, including a nurse advisory service.
All four charities are committed to supporting patients and their families through all stages of their journey and are working hard to ensure ongoing awareness and provision of the practical, emotional and medical/nursing support needed following a bowel cancer diagnosis. 

Beating Bowel Cancer is a leading UK charity for bowel cancer patients, working to raise awareness of symptoms, promote early diagnosis and encourage open access to treatment choice for those affected by bowel cancer. 
Beating Bowel Cancer is committed to improving bowel cancer awareness amongst both the medical profession and the general public.  The charity provides authoritative information about the disease, its symptoms, what to do if diagnosed, and what treatment choices are available to you.  Beating Bowel Cancer encourage people to communicate frankly about all aspects of this disease, and not to be embarrassed to talk about bottoms and bowels!

Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa is a national patient-led charity aiming to decrease the impact of bowel cancer on the New Zealand community through awareness, education, support and promotion of access to appropriate screening and treatments.  Their aim is to help save lives from this common form of cancer. 

Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada
The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada is Canada's leading non-profit association dedicated to increasing awareness and education of colorectal (bowel) cancer, supporting patients and their families, and advocating for primary prevention, provincial screening programs as well as equal and timely access to effective treatments to improve patient outcomes. The Colorecatl Cancer Association of Canada 's services are provided free of charge in both English and French.