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Bowel Cancer Australia - Ambassadors

Bowel Cancer Australia Ambassadors help raise the profile of bowel cancer in the community.
Our Ambassadors are prominent public figures or specialists in their field or profession who share our passion for saving lives and improving the health and wellbeing of people living with bowel cancer. 

Donna Bauer

Former Liberal MP Donna Bauer thrived in the cut and thrust of local and then state politics, however a personal health challenge has provided new direction for her campaigning skills.
She has taken up the role of a Bowel Cancer Australia Ambassador after her own experience of bowel cancer last year highlighted the important ongoing work required to raise community awareness about this largely preventable and treatable disease.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Supporters-Sharron-Bingle 770

Sharon Bingle

Sharon Bingle knows loss. She lost her father and husband to bowel cancer; her mother to breast cancer – all in the space of six years.
She also knows that improved community awareness of bowel cancer can make a huge difference in terms of prevention, earlier detection and better survival rates.
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George Calombaris

Celebrity chef George Calombaris is getting out of the kitchen to take on Australia's second biggest cancer killer, working together with Bowel Cancer Australia as an Ambassador.
George will combine his culinary expertise and personal experience to highlight how healthy eating, lifestyle and awareness of family history can greatly reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer.
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Ambassador Bowel Cancer Australia Anton Enus

Anton Enus

Anton Enus is an award winning journalist with more than 30 years of broadcasting experience. He began his career at the South African national broadcaster SABC, as a radio news reporter, and then moved on to become a parliamentary reporter, current affairs producer, TV news reporter and TV presenter, often anchoring the morning news show Good Morning South Africa.
In Australia, Anton is perhaps best known for his work on SBS World News Bulletin, where he has been presenting the news since 1999.
Following what he thought would be a routine colonoscopy he was told they had discovered a large tumour.
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770x450 Branded Ambassador John Eussen 24 10 2017

John Eussen

He's best known for helping people improve their homes and now John Eussen has decided it's time to help people improve their health by becoming a Bowel Cancer Australia Ambassador.
The long-standing and highly respected figure in the design and interiors industry will be known to many as presenter of Grand Designs Live Australia as well as his various media roles.
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Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher is best known to TV audiences around the world as Doctor Karl Kennedy from Australia's longest running drama 'Neighbours'.
Alan has played the role of Dr Karl for more than 20 years and is now using his profile and experience to help raise awareness for bowel cancer as Ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia.
"Playing an onscreen doctor has helped me associate with many causes that focus on health issues."
"Bowel cancer is a good news story, with regular testing and GP check-ups combined with basic diet and lifestyle awareness, most bowel cancers can be prevented or successfully treated."
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Gavin Fox-Smith

Having worked in the medical devices sector for almost three decades, Gavin Fox-Smith is no stranger to the health and wellbeing industry.
Considered one of Asia Pacific's most experienced health sector leaders, Gavin is the Managing Director of Johnson & Johnson Medical Australia and New Zealand and Chair of The Medical Technology Association of Australia.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Supporters-Chris-Heighington 770

Chris Heighington

Like most NRL players, Newcastle Knights prop/lock, Chris Heighington, has tackled many tough opponents during his career.

With more than 300 NRL games under his belt with former clubs West Tigers and Cronulla Sharks, and a premiership with each, Chris has been described as the 'heart and soul of the Club' both on and off the field.

An England international, Country NSW and NRL All Star, he brings experience and leadership to his new role at the Newcastle Knights.

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Russel Howcroft

Well known to audiences from ABC's Gruen and for his appearances on Network Ten's Recipe to Riches, media personality and branding expert Russel Howcroft has led some of the most creative and influential advertising campaigns in Australia and overseas.
As one of the country's most revered ad gurus, Russel is a firm believer in the power of a good idea and fighting for what you believe in. So it's no surprise that Russel, who had close family members affected by bowel cancer, is getting behind Bowel Cancer Australia for his most personal campaign yet.
"Due to my family history, I know the importance of being bowel cancer aware," Russel said.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Supporters-George-Kanaan 770

George Kanaan

George was fit, feisty and forty when this Managing Director of Investment Bank UBS received a bowel cancer diagnosis. He's used that feistiness in his bowel cancer battle and has some in reserve for his ongoing challenge - encouraging men and women to do something about their bowel health.
Like many younger people who receive a bowel cancer diagnosis, George was shocked to discover that he had advanced (stage 3) bowel cancer. There were symptoms, but George had wrongly assumed his bleeding was haemorrhoids, something he had experienced before
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Bowel Cancer Australia Supporters-Miriam-Margolyes 770

Miriam Margolyes

One of the grande dames of theatre, film and television Miriam Margolyes has taken on yet another challenging role as an Ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia.
The British-born actress, who became an Australian citizen last year, continues to enjoy a varied and celebrated career since her first adventures in repertory theatre some 50 years ago.
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Brian McFadyen - Chairman Emeritus

With more than 40 years of professional experience in commercial law, which included lengthy periods in senior management, board and chairman roles, Brian McFadyen has used his extensive business background to guide the evolution and development of Bowel Cancer Australia.
Serving as Director from 2003 and as Chairman of the Board since 2006, Brian has contributed over a decade to working with key bowel cancer stakeholders to improve patient services, increase research, and expand access to the latest screening and treatment options for Australia's second biggest cancer killer.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Supporters-Peter-Mason 770

Peter Mason AM

After 40 years in the business of investment banking, Peter Mason AM has a keen eye for value and a good deal.
So when he chose to support Bowel Cancer Australia - initially by sponsoring production of our first apple pins back in 2006 - it was a good indication that he could see and appreciate the potential return on bowel cancer awareness.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Ambassador_Julie Meek

Julie Meek

Eight years ago, Julie Meek's world was rocked when her father Stan was diagnosed with bowel cancer.
"When Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer, the overwhelming feeling was of utter disbelief because he'd always eaten very healthily but, of course, there are other factors such as genetics and physical activity," she said.
After surgery to remove 40 centimetres of his bowel and a six-month stint of chemotherapy, Stan Meek, 77, is grateful to be able to call himself a survivor.
With the experience shaking the family to the core, Ms Meek, a prominent Perth dietitian, knew she wanted to do more to help raise awareness of one of the nation's most common cancers.
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Erin Molan

Clearly, Erin Molan loves a challenge. She's one of a relatively niche group of female sports reporters and holds her own on Nine News, The NRL Footy Show and The Sunday Footy Show, but now Erin has arguably stepped up for an even bigger challenge – raising awareness of bowel cancer.
The Channel 9 sports reporter has joined the Bowel Cancer Australia team as one of their Ambassadors after a family member was diagnosed with disease.
While a cancer diagnosis sends most people reeling, for Erin, the news that her sister was battling a disease more common in older people made it even more of a shock.
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Sophie Scott

A familiar face to many as the long-standing national medical reporter for ABC, Sophie Scott understands a lot about staying healthy.
Her health and medical reporting is broadcast regularly on ABC TV news and current affairs programs, on radio and online. She has won numerous awards for excellence in health reporting and is also the author of Live a Longer Life and Roadtesting Happiness.
Bowel Cancer Australia is very pleased to have Sophie's support for a number of their awareness campaigns in particular, those promoting bowel cancer screening.
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Ambassador Bowel Cancer Australia Chad Townsend 770

Chad Townsend

NRL player Chad Townsend has been touted as one of New Zealand Warriors' highest performers and has dedicated his professional life to the sport, however he would be the first to admit that footy isn't everything.
The 24 year old star player has taken up the role as Bowel Cancer Australia Ambassador after moving back across the Tasman to support his wife's mother who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2012.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Supporters-Lara-Bingle 770

Lara Worthington

One of Australia's most successful models, Lara Worthington, is setting her sights on tackling Australia's second biggest cancer killer, working closely with Bowel Cancer Australia, as an Ambassador.
Losing her father, Graham, at a relatively young age to bowel cancer, Lara has chosen to do what she can to raise awareness about early detection of what is a preventable and curable disease.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Advocates

Bowel Cancer Australia - Advocates

Bowel Cancer Australia Advocates are committed to the work of our charity, helping raise awareness as part of our ongoing campaigns that focus on specific disease aspects.
From passionate supporters, to patients and survivors, to family and friends, our Awareness Advocates play an important role in spreading the word.
770x450 Branded Ambassadors Hollie Fielder

Hollie Fielder

At the age of 24 being diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer and secondary liver cancer is definitely something you don't expect to be told.

After months of going to see doctors and being in emergency twice for horrible abdominal pain only to be sent home with the assumption it was "girl problems", thanks to my persistence I was put on a waiting list for a colonoscopy. I really had to push for it to be put as urgent as my pains were getting worse.

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Bowel Cancer Australia Supporters-Stephanie-Kay 770

Stephanie Kay - Advocate

Bowel cancer was the last thing I had expected to happen to me in my early twenties.
I had just celebrated my 21st birthday, was in my last semester of university and recently home from a European adventure.
I experienced years of painful bloating, stomach cramps and changed bowel habits.
The colonoscopy saved my life, revealing dozens of polyps and early stage cancer.
My diagnosis resulted in the loss of my entire large bowel, I had a temporary ileostomy and now live life with a J-Pouch (an internal pouch formed from the small intestine).
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Advocate Bowel Cancer Australia Julie Toner

Julie Toner

I was a working mum who was used to looking after everyone else.
Suddenly, I was the one that needed to be looked after.
I was the one with bowel cancer, but it impacted everyone in my family.
I don't want anyone to ever, ever, EVER go through what I did.
That’s why I am so passionate about raising awareness and encouraging people to get tested.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Supporters-Sarah-Molan 770

Sarah Sutton

At just 29 Sarah was enjoying life with her young family when she received the unexpected news – you have bowel cancer.

Four words you don't expect to hear when you're young. Yet the reality is each year over 1,000 young Australians do.

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